You Too Can Make the Clothing Styles
of the Rich & Famous

Kathy Amarati
Kathy Amarati

I can show you how to look fabulous and beat the recession...

For the past year I’ve been designing and making my own clothes.  I’m no tailor and I have no dressmaking training.  The results, however, have been nothing short of astonishing … so surprising, in fact, that all my friends are begging me for the name of my new fashion designer.

I’ve discovered it’s easy to create your own clothes … provided you know a few of the insider secrets your tailor knows but probably won’t tell you.  In fact, with a little effort and the right guidance, I’m absolutely convinced you also can be making your own clothes yourself, creating some great designs and saving some money.  You can even pick up a few dollars designing and making clothes for your friends and family.  It is absolutely possible.

If you have a little creativity, you are willing to learn and can follow some simple principles, then I am convinced you can do well learning to make your very own clothes in your own home. We all know economic times are tough, and it only makes sense to save some money where you can.

Why not copy the clothes of your favorite actress or music star? – if you’ve seen a million-dollar outfit in a magazine or on Seventh Avenue, you can create exactly the same style yourself, at a fraction of the cost - once you know the secret!

Truth is, I used to find sewing a challenge, if not a complete mystery, but this all changed for me when I discovered a very special book. 

Introducing "The Dressmaking Handbook"


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116 Page eBook
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This book contains timeless information on classic dressmaking, with principles of designing and sewing just as important and just as modern today, as when the book was written.

It's the best book I have read on dressmaking and I know if you read it and apply the information, you will also be able to design whatever clothes style you like, more quickly, more easily and less expensively than you might ever have thought.

Here is some of the secrets you'll learn:

  • How to adapt the latest fashion trends to your own style
  • How to conceal an irregular body shape
  • How to determine if your body shape is a “rectangle, “triangle, “inverted triangle” or “hourglass”, and design and style accordingly
  • Which fabric colors combine best with each other, and which will best suit your own particular skin and hair colors
  • How your choice of fabric and material can conceal or accentuate your figure
  • How to specifically disguise the short stout figure, the bigger bust or hips, the large upper arms or large abdomen, or the overly tall or thin figure
  • The exact tools, equipment and supplies you will need to design and sew your own clothes
  • Exact instructions for the various sewing techniques – basting, seams, zips and plackets, facings and interfacings, darts, hems, shirring and gathering, pinning and tucking, bias binding for inward and outward corners- all the way down to correct placement and style of buttonholes
  • How to measure for a custom-made or commercial pattern
  • How to correctly transfer measurements to pattern paper
  • How to calculate how much material you will need
  • How to match stripes, weaves and grain
  • How to design and draft every possible garment type, beginning from the basic sheath to dinner dresses,  even slacks and culottes
  • How to design, draft and sew entirely new designs using the basic building blocks or “slopes” of garment sewing

So... here's the deal.

When I discovered this book, I loved this book so much that I contacted the author, got approval and paid to have it formatted to be available to you through the internet. You can now download the 116 pages and over 200 pictures that will teach you the timeless principles of designing and sewing your own clothes to your exact satisfaction.

You will not be disappointed. The first time you make an outfit yourself you will have saved the small investment in this classic book many times over.

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No Questions Money Back Guarantee.

Grab your copy of "The Dressmaking Handbook", and if you're not happy for any reason simply let me know and I'll refund your purchase 100%. I can't be fairer than that.

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Happy Sewing,

Kathy Amarati
Kathy Amarati